Welcome to the Cambridge Shrine Club’s website. We are a Shrine club under the jurisdiction of and within the boundaries of Mocha Shriners, London ON. Our club is located on Cheese Factory Rd. in Cambridge ON.

This website is where you can find the latest information and upcoming events for the club. Our membership area includes Waterloo Region and Brant County.

The members of the Cambridge Shrine club are devoted to raising money to support our Shrine hospitals. Shrine hospitals help children regardless of the parents ability to pay. The money earned from pop cans and liquor bottles left at our club gate goes directly to our Canadian Shrine hospital.

Through the local OLG bingo we also help out in a variety of local charitable causes.The main one being, Cambridge Memorial Hospital pediatrics ward.

Those interested in becoming a Shriner may want to visit: www.beashrinernow.com Or, contact any Cambridge/Brant Shriner.

We are a family oriented club.

“A man never stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child”